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Since a few years ago, people have been able to buy stars and name them after someone they have deep feelings for. It’s a common practice, but it isn’t the first thing that crosses your mind when you want to give someone something special. allows you to buy and name a star after someone you love. So if you'd like to give someone an original and meaningful gift, here's your opportunity.

Naming a star after someone – What is it like?

You can give a star any name that crosses your mind. The decision is up to you. However, it is common for people to give their stars meaningful names that remind them of someone special, whether a person or a pet.

If there’s a special occasion happening soon and you’re running out of ideas for a gift for that person, perhaps naming a star after them can be an original and romantic idea.

Stars are celestial bodies that are constantly shining in the sky. Due to this fact, people have been purchasing and naming stars after people they appreciate for a long time now. This allows them to create meaningful memories and feelings that will revive any time they look at the sky.

What will you get after buying a star at

Buying a star at is a straightforward process. Once you've decided on a name and have completed the transaction, we will send the following items via email to the direction you provide:

• A certificate that proves you’re the owner of that specific star

• A map that showcases where your star is located

• A unique position in our registry

This process takes only a few minutes, and we will deliver the items to you as soon as possible. Are you ready to give that special person such a meaningful gift?

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